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Woodworm Consultations & Surveys

Woodworm Treatment can vary depending on the species found and in a high percentage of cases no timber preservative (woodworm) treatment is need at all as the Woodworm infestation can be historic or a beetle that does not need specialist timber preservative treatment.

A woodworm survey carried out by one of our Certified Surveyors in Remedial Treatments (CSRT) will correctly diagnose the species and inform you if the infestation is active or not or if the beetle requires no treatment at all.

Before spending £££’s on costly woodworm treatments, it is highly advised to seek specialist advice from a consultant CSRT Surveyor to ensure that the woodworm treatment is actually necessary.

Common Beetles Found in Buildings in the UK that usually need Woodworm insecticidal Treatment if found to be active:

  • Common Furniture Beetle – Anobium Punctatum
  • Death Watch Beetle – Xestobium Rufovillosum
  • Lyctus Powderpost Beetle – Lyctus Brunneus
  • House Long Beetle – Hylotrupes Bajulus
  • Ptilinus Beetle – Ptilinus Pectinicornis

Common Beetles Found in Buildings in the UK that require no insecticidal treatment:

  • Woodboring Weevil – Pentarthrum Huttoni
  • Bark Borer Beetle – Ernobius Mollis

Three simple questions to be answered before going ahead with Woodworm Treatments.

  1. Does the wood boring insect require treatment?
  2. Is infestation still active?
  3. Is there a chemical free solution that can eradicate the infestation without the use of costly insecticide treatments?

80% of infestations our surveyors inspect are historic or require no treatment at all.

Don’t take chances with costly Woodworm Treatments. Ensure you are dealing with a CSRT surveyor that can identify and advise on Specialist Woodworm Treatments.

Every Woodworm Treatment is backed up by a long term written guarantee and can be optionally guaranteed under the Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) Scheme which only Property Care Association Members can offer.

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