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  • Independent Unbiased Advice
  • Damp Survey Report
  • Timber Survey Report
  • Specialist Damp Proofing Consultation Survey 
  • Specialist Woodworm Treatment Consultation Survey 
  • Dry Rot Treatment Consultation Survey

Damp Proofing, Rising Damp, Woodworm & Dry Rot Specialists
Providing Specialist Damp & Timber Surveys Throughout Mainland UK

Damp and timber survey reports in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, North Wales, Bolton, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Wigan, Bath, Bristol, Shropshire, Gloustershire, Shrewsbury & London to name just a few. If your town is not named above please contact us the chances are we will cover your area.

The Simple Guide Through The Damp and Timber Survey Process…

Your first step, call your local telephone number or use the online damp and timber survey enquiry button. A friendly and helpful Damp Pro member will then advise and recommend the appropriate damp and/or timber survey that’s right for you and your needs.

After a few quick questions you will be given a free damp and timber survey quotation over the phone with no obligation or pressure to go ahead with us.

After you have considered all your options and should you decide to go ahead with the survey, you will be provided with the earliest possible date and time that suits all parties involved i.e. Vendors, Estates Agents, Tenants and You our client. We can be  flexible with our damp and timber surveys and will try to please all parties involved however will always put our customers first. 

An appointment will be arranged with our Specialist Remedial Surveyor who will either meet you at the property or organise to pick up a set of keys to access the property whenever convenient for the vendor/agents. 

Prior to our damp and timber survey, usually a survey scope will be sent out to you via email detailing our inspection for you to confirm or inspection instructions. At this point if any instructions have been misinterpreted you should contact us immediately for clarification and amendment. 

The damp and timber survey would then be carried out at the agreed time and date following your instructions detailed within our damp and timber survey scope.

At this point the survey notes will be prepared and passed into the office. The report will then be compiled describing the observations made on the day of the damp and timber survey after which recommending any relevant works/treatments. Should you have any questions once you have received your damp and timber report the surveyors contact details will be present on the report for you to contact him directly with any questions relating to the damp and timber report. 

This whole process of carrying out the damp and timber survey, finalising notes, passing the notes on to the office and compiling the damp and timber report usually takes upto five working day. Once the report has been finalised the damp and timber report will then be sent to you via email. 

Damp & Timber Surveys

A damp and timber survey is usually associated with the buying and selling of a property, or when a property owner has conflicting opinions from other damp and timber specialists.

We provide damp and timber surveys by a qualified CSRT surveyor that correctly diagnoses any form of damp ingress and or timber decay/infestations.

If you have been instructed to have a specialist damp and timber survey carried out when buying a property it usually means you have already committed yourself financial, whether its survey fees and or solicitors fees, there is a lot at stake financial regarding the findings of the damp and timber survey.

A misdiagnosis can result in mortgage retentions and in some cases refusal of lending. So it is very important to use a qualified CSRT surveyor to carry out the damp and timber survey.

Our main objective is to pass your property with a clean bill of health, however in some cases there are problems. To what extent though? That is the question!

Chemical damp proof course installations or fungicide/insecticide treatment are expensive and sometimes not even necessary! There are times when internal or external bridging gives the façade of rising damp. Which in most cases require no treatment apart from de-bridging and allowing the wall to dry out naturally.

Whether it is a misdiagnosis of rising damp or a case of active rising damp, rest assured the diagnoses will be the correct one.

A common error within the damp proofing and timber decay industry is the misdiagnoses of wood boring insect attack e.g. woodworm infestation. There are many species of wood boring insects that come under the universal umbrella term of “woodworm” that require completely different treatments if any treatment at all.

There are three questions that you should ask yourself which are…
> Does the beetle require treatment?
> Is the infestation Active or Historic?
> Is there a chemical free treatment to avoid costly insecticide treatments?

90% of the time the infestation will be historic or requires no treatment at all. However, in the event of active wood boring beetle attack, simple chemical free solutions can usually eradicate the infestation.

Who we are....

Damp Pro is a UK based Damp, Woodworm and Dry Rot specialist Company. We supply excellent customer service from start to finish with an increasing positive reputation passed on and recommended by our clients for honestly and a correct diagnosis within our specialist field.

Damp Pro is a privately owned family run specialist damp and timber survey company. We strive to be the most professional, efficient and dedicated damp proofing and timber decay specialist firm. Most importantly keeping our client’s, past and present pleased through every step of our services.

As a Property Care Association (PCA) member formerly known as the British Wood Preserving and Damp-Proofing Association (BWPDA) Damp Pro are proud to be one of the elite of the industry.

Every damp and timber survey is carried out by an Independent CSRT (Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments) surveyor who continually studies to keep up to date with new and traditional surveying techniques. The surveyor has no link to damp proofing and timber treatment contractors and therefore provides impartial advice with no vested interest in obtaining damp and timber treatment contracts. 

Don't take chances with your property before instructing a damp and timber specialist company insist you are dealing with a PCA/BWPDA Member and a CSRT Surveyor. Look out for the Property Care Association Logo when comparing damp and timber companies. 

We carry out damp and timbers surveys, damp proofing and timber treatment consultations surveys throughout the UK including The North West, The Midlands and The South Easy and the South West of England. We serve North Wales, Mid-wales, South Wales, Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Wigan, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Shropshire, and London to name a few.

We provide you with a fast turn around service and your dedicated specialist CSRT damp and timber surveyor will correctly diagnose any damp and timber decay problem your property has, and recommend the correct damp or timber treatments if necessary. Our specialist CSRT damp and timber surveyors attends damp and timber surveys all across the UK we are only a call away to provide you with specialist advice in the damp and timber decay/infestation field. 

We carry out damp and/or timber surveys on all types of properties all across the UK, from studio apartments to commercial warehouses. Whether it’s a domestic property you want surveyed or a 100,000sqm commercial warehouse, we have the ability and knowledge to carry out the specialist damp and timber survey and recommend correct damp proof systems  and/or timber treatment solutions to fit all types of properties and budgets.

The highest level of training has been provided for your specialist surveyor in the damp proofing and timber decay industry. 

The aim of a Damp Pro surveyor is to correctly diagnose any damp or timber decay/infestation problem and to provide you with peace of mind that the diagnosis is correct and therefore recommending treatment that is necessary if any at all.

If you are able to accompany our surveyor on the day when the damp and timber survey is taking place, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the observations or recommendations. Our surveyor is there to provide you with expert knowledge of damp and timber treatments and will provide you with a direct telephone number to contact them on should any further questions.