Specialist Dry Rot Treatment

Dry Rot Survey Consultations Throughout The UK including: Manchester, North Wales, Liverpool, Chester, Shrewsbury, Bolton, Wigan, London & Birmingham

Dry Rot (Serpula Lacrymans) can be described as the cancer of a building which can cause significant damage and disruption to buildings all across the UK.

The correct identification of Dry Rot is crucial in determining the way forward when treating and removing timber decay from buildings. All Dry Rot Surveys are carried out by Certified Surveyors in Remedial Treatments (CSRT Surveyors) to ensure all our clients are given the correct diagnosis and provide them with an action plan to eradicate and remove this infection.

Treatment for Dry Rot can be very costly and disruptive to homeowners. It is vital that Dry Rot Treatments are carried out to strict protocol to prevent the infection reoccurring. All our Dry Rot treatments are carried out by qualified technicians and supervised by a CSRT surveyor to ensure that each treatment step and procedure is carried out thoroughly to provide all our clients with peace of mind.

Every Dry Rot Treatment is backed up by a long term written guarantee and can be optionally guaranteed under the Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) Scheme which only Property Care Association Members can offer.

Don’t take chances with your property; ensure you have a Timber/Dry Rot survey carried out by one of our CSRT Surveyors.

Dry Rot and Timber Surveys carried out throughout the UK by qualified CSRT Surveyors in areas such as Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales, Bolton, Chester, London, Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Wigan, Northwich, Nantwich, Wrexham, Bangor, Anglesey and all the other towns and villages in between