Damp and Timber Reports

Pre-Purchase, Homeowner, Equity Release Scheme, Heritage & Commercial Building Damp and Timber Reports
A damp and timber report is fast becoming a very popular survey report requested for homeowners with specific problems who need a correct and impartial diagnosis and for property purchasers who would like to know better detail about a property they are about to purchase. This damp and timber survey report will provide you with knowledge referring to damp, woodworm and dry rot problems that may be present within a building. It has been referred to as the most cost effective way of surveying a building prior to paying for a full in-depth structural and/or homebuyer survey when purchasing a building so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to carry on with the purchase.

What is a damp and timber report?
A damp and timber report is a document that is compiled after carrying out a damp and timber survey. Within the damp and timber report it will detail references from the damp and timber survey about a property.

What is detailed within a damp and timber report?
Usually within a damp and timber report, a specialist damp and timber company will follow this layout:

  • Company name, address and contact number
  • Reference number
  • Date of Report
  • Client
  • Client address
  • Property address (if different)
  • Date of survey
  • Surveyors’ name
  • Instructions - A damp and/or timber survey to specific areas in correlation to your instructions and survey scope.
  • Observations
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Property Description
  • Orientation
  • Limitations and Restrictions
  • External observations
  • Internal observations
  • Conclusions - Making a diagnosis as to what was seen.
  • Recommendations - Explaining what damp and timber treatments are needed. Maybe none at all!
  • Sketch Plan - A floor plan indicating where problems are present.