Services List:

  • Damp Survey Report – Timber Survey Report
  • Damp Proofing Specialist Survey Quotation & Treatments
  • Woodworm Specialist Survey Quotation & Treatments
  • Correct Identification of Rising Damp & Environmentally Friendly Rising Damp Treatments
  • Environmentally Friendly Woodworm Treatments
  • Specialist Dry Rot Survey Quotation and Eradication Treatments
  • Correct Identification of Timber Decay & Necessary Timber Treatments
  • Identification between Wet Rot & Dry Rot & Necessary Treatments
  • Specialist Remedial Damp Proofing Replastering
  • Identification of the Correct Source of Penetrating Damp
  • External Ground Lowering where Damp Proof Course is being bridged
  • Air Brick Installation to improve Sub-floor Ventilation
  • Humidistat Air Vent Recommendations
  • Condensation Specialist Advice
  • 20 Year Damp Proofing & Timber Treatment Guarantees for Peace of Mind

Damp Proofing, Rising Damp, Woodworm & Dry Rot Specialists.
Providing Specialist Damp & Timber Surveys Throughout the UK.
Damp and timber surveys in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, North Wales, Bolton, Birmingham, Shrewsbury & London

Damp Pro is a UK Leading company in the specialist damp proofing, woodworm and dry rot treatment business. Supplying excellent customer service from start to finish with an increasing positive repulation passed on and recommended by our clients.

Damp Pro is a UK, British based family business, privately owned damp proofing and timber treatment specialist company. We strive to be the most professional, efficient and dedicated damp proofing and timber decay specialist firm. Most importantly keeping our client’s, past and present pleased through every step of our services.

We are fully qualified being Property Care Association Members, Formerly Known as the BWPDA. TrustMark Approved which is a Government Endorsed Scheme ensure High standards along with fully qualified Certified Surveyors in Remedial Treatments (CSRT surveyors).

Dont take chances with your property insist you are dealing with a PCA/BWPDA Member and a CSRT Surveyor. Look out for the Property Care Association Logo when comparing damp and timber companys.

damp and timber surveyTrustmark Approved damp proofing and timber treatmentsBWPDA

We carry out damp and timbers surveys, damp proofing and timber treatments throughout the UK, The North West, The Midlands and The South East. We serve North Wales, Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Shrewsbury, Birmingham and London.

We provide you with a fast turn around service and your dedicated specialist CSRT damp and timber surveyor will correctly diagnose any damp and timber decay problem your property has, and recommend the correct damp or timber treatments if necessary. Our specialist CSRT damp and timber surveyor attends damp and timber surveys all across the UK. Call now with your instructions for a certified surveyor to carry out your damp and timber survey.

We carry out damp and/or timber surveys on all types of properties all across the UK, from studio apartments to commercial warehouses. Whether it’s a domestic property you want surveyed or a 100,000sqm commercial warehouse, we have the ability and knowledge to carry out the specialist damp and timber survey and recommend and install a damp proof system or timber treatment solution to fit all types of properties and budgets.

We provide you with long term guarantee’s on all our damp proofing and timber treatment contracts, whether it is the full contract or treatment only, whereby, you have your own builder lined up to carry out the replastering and/or timber replacement. In this case, our specialist damp proofing/timber treatment specifications will be provided for your builder to carry out after treatments by Damp Pro along with a 20 year Damp Proofing and/or Timber Treatment Guarantee.

The highest level of training has been provided for your specialist surveyor in the damp proofing and timber decay industry. Our CSRT damp and timber surveyors aim is to carry out specialist damp and timber surveys and to diagnosis any form of damp ingress, woodworm and dry/wet rot correctly.

The aim of our surveyor is to correctly diagnose any damp or timber decay/infestation problem and to provide you with peace of mind that the diagnosis is correct and therefore recommending treatment that is necessary if any at all.

If you are able to accompany our surveyor on the day when the damp and timber survey is taking place, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the observations or recommendations. Our surveyor is there to provide you with expert knowledge of damp and timber treatments and will provide you with a direct telephone number to contact them on should any further questions.

Damp & Timber Surveys

A damp and timber survey is usually associated with the buying and selling of a property, or when a property owner has conflicting opinions from other damp and timber specialists.

We provide damp and timber surveys by a qualified CSRT surveyor that correctly diagnoses any form of damp ingress and or timber decay/infestations.

If you have been instructed to have a specialist damp and timber survey carried out when buying a property it usually means you have already committed yourself financial, whether its survey fees and or solicitors fees, there is a lot at stake financial regarding the findings of the damp and timber survey.

A misdiagnosis can result in mortgage retentions and in some cases refusal of lending. So it is very important to use a qualified CSRT surveyor to carry out the damp and timber survey.

Our main objective is to pass your property with a clean bill of health, however in some cases there are problems. To what extent though? That is the question!

Chemical damp proof course installations or fungicide/insecticide treatment are expensive and sometimes not even necessary! There are times when internal or external bridging gives the façade of rising damp. Which in most cases require no treatment apart from de-bridging and allowing the wall to dry out naturally.

Whether it is a misdiagnosis of rising damp or a case of active rising damp, rest assured the diagnoses will be the correct one.

A common error within the damp proofing and timber decay industry is the misdiagnoses of wood boring insect attack e.g. woodworm infestation. There are many species of wood boring insects that come under the universal umbrella term of “woodworm” that require completely different treatments if any treatment at all.

There are three questions that you should ask yourself which are…
> Does the beetle require treatment?
> Is the infestation Active or Historic?
> Is there a chemical free treatment to avoid costly insecticide treatments?

90% of the time the infestation will be historic or requires no treatment at all. However, in the event of active wood boring beetle attack, simple chemical free solutions can usually eradicate the infestation.

Damp Proofing

We provide long term 20 year guarantees on all our damp proofing contracts providing peace of mind that your long term investment is guaranteed.

Woodworm Treatment

If required we can carry out specialist damp proofing to your property, whether it’s the installation of a damp proof course or the full job consisting of removing defective plasterwork, installing a damp proof course and specialist replastering all of which is work that is carried out by our specialist operatives on a day to day basis. Woodworm treatment is only necessary for certain species of wood boring insects, it is very important that the “Woodworm” is correctly diagnosed by a Woodworm specialist and to make certain that the wood boring insect actually requires treatment. There are three questions that need to be answered before treatment is recommended…
> Does the wood boring insect require treatment?
> Is infestation still active?
> Is there a chemical free solution that can eradicate the infestation without the use of costly insecticide treatments?

Dry Rot Treatment

Dry Rot can be a costly treatment in the damp proofing and timber treatment business, which can be misdiagnosed by non dry rot specialists. The Dry Rot fungal infection needs expert knowledge to diagnosis and treat it. Dry Rot can be misdiagnosed and actually turn out to be Wet Rot requiring no treatment, just the source of moisture eradicated and the infected timber cut out and replaced which is less costly than Dry Rot treatment.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing solutions is something that you cant take lighty, its a costly solution and requires expert knowledge combined with specialist capability to provide damp free basements with long term guarantees. If you want a damp free basement have it waterproofed by a damp specialist to avoid costly mistakes and be reassured that the job has been done correctly.

The Simple Guide Through The Damp and Timber Survey Process…

Your first step, call your local telephone number or use the online damp and timber survey request button. A friendly and helpful Damp Pro member will recommend the appropriate damp and/or timber survey that’s right for you and your needs.

After a few quick questions you will be given a fixed price quotation for any damp and/or timber report/quotation survey you require. Should you decide to go ahead with the survey, you will be provided with the earliest possible date and time that suits all parties involved i.e. Vendors, Estates Agents, Tenants and You, the client. We can be very flexible, evening and weekend damp and/or timber surveys can be organised where ever it is more convenient to do so.

An appointment will be arranged with our Specialist Remedial Surveyor who will either meet you at the property or organise to pick up a set of keys to access the property whenever convenient for the vendor/agents.

The surveyor will endeavour to contact you after the damp and/or timber survey to discuss the findings of the survey, which will then be prepared in writing in report format describing the observations recommending any relevant treatments and providing you with a damp proofing or timber treatment quotation where necessary.

Your damp and/or timber survey report will then be forwarded to you usually within two working days of the damp and/or timber survey either via post or email.

If any treatment has been found to be necessary and you are happy with the quotation minus the survey fee please contact our office or individual surveyor to arrange the damp proofing and/or timber treatment works to be carried out by a specially trained damp proofing and timber treatment technician at a mutually convenient date.

Damp and timber survey specialist throughout UK - England and Wales - the UK - in Cities and areas Such as Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, North Wales, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, London, Bolton, Peak District, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Bristol, Stoke on trent, Conwy, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Angelsey, Bangor and Rhyl.