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Damp and Timber Surveys In North Wales

Welcome to the Damp Pro website. If you are after honest, beneficial and full comprehensible advice on all aspects of the eradication & prevention of rising damp, damp proofing, woodworm treatment & eradication of dry rot look no further. Damp Pro are full members of the Property Care Association (PCA) formerly known as the British Wood Preserving and Damp-Proofing Association (BWPDA). Our unique Membership number is 5728. We are government endorsed by the TrustMark scheme and we offer Insurance backed guarantees by the Guarantee Protection Insurance Scheme (GPI).

Why Choose Damp Pro As Your Specialist Damp & Timber Company?

We are fully qualified and vetted to high industry standards which are annually reviewed by the PCA to ensure high standards across the board. Our specialist damp and timber surveyors are carrying out damp and timber surveys throughout North Wales guiding homeowners, people looking to purchase a property(s), investors, landlords, property professional such as architects, housing associations, CADW and so on and so forth. If you are looking for an honest and professional specialist damp proofing, woodworm treatment and dry rot eradication company in North Wales, you are at the right place.

Damp Proofing in North Wales

Damp Pro is a specialist damp proofing contractor company in North Wales carrying out damp proofing surveys and contracts throughout North Wales and the surrounding areas. We specialise in treating and preventing all forms of Damp.

A Damp Pro damp survey in North Wales is carried out by a fully qualified CSRT surveyor to provide you with the correct diagnosis of any damp problems you may have. Once the damp problem has been diagnosed, an appropriate damp proofing recommendation can be provided and in most cases will not involve chemical damp proof courses as most properties have a physical damp proof course in situ, which is most likely being bridged.

Call our office today to enquire about specialist damp proofing in North Wales by a qualified PCA registered damp and timber specialist company.

Woodworm Treatment in North Wales

Woodworm surveys and treatments are carried out by Damp Pro on a daily basis throughout North Wales. Woodworm can be found in many properties throughout North Wales; however the key to treating woodworm infestations is to actually know whether of not the woodworm evidence is historic or active. Or if the beetle infestation requires any treatment at all!! When these two simple points are determined by one of our qualified CSRT surveyors, it could result in saving you hundreds, even thousands of pounds on unnecessary woodworm treatments.

When having a woodworm survey carried out, two simple questions need to be answered…

1) "Is the woodworm infestation active or historic?"

2) "Does the woodworm species require treatment?"

For more information regarding woodworm treatment in North Wales, please feel free to contact our office to speak to a friendly, helpful member of our team.

Dry Rot Diagnosis & Treatment in North Wales

Dry Rot is a serious fungal infection that can be found in buildings throughout North Wales and the UK. Dry Rot can have a devastating effect on building s and can be very costly to treat and eradicate. All Dry Rot surveys in North Wales are carried out by a fully qualified CSRT surveyor to provide you with the correct diagnosis and advice on treating and eradicating the Dry Rot fungus. When dealing with Dry Rot you should always use a qualified PCA member company and the survey should always be carried out by a CSRT surveyor. For a Dry Rot survey in North Wales, call us today to arrange and discuss a fully comprehensive timber survey by a qualified Dry Rot Specialist.

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We have made it our family business for over 30 years to provide excellence throughout the damp and timber industry throughout North Wales, the North West and the UK.




"If the answer is no to the two above question we strongly recommend you avoid this damp and timber company as it could lead to misdiagnosis and potentially ££££'s of unnecessary treatments.

Insist on a PCA Member and a surveyor who holds the CRST Qualification.

Look out for the PCA logo & Unique Membership number

damp and timber survey north wales pca

Damp Pro Unique Membership Number: 5728

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From the beginning we received positive feedback from all our North Wales clients, initially from the first phone call all the way through the damp and/or timber survey process, up to the day of the damp proofing, woodworm or dry rot treatments are carried out.

Damp Pro is here to help you with organising your damp and timber survey throughout North Wales. Once you have instructed us to carry out the damp and/or timber survey, our personnel will take it from there, contacting estate agents, vendors or whoever it may be, to arrange access to the property for the damp and/or timber survey to be carried out.

We understand that buying or selling a property is one of the most stressful times in the world, however once the instructions have been given, Damp Pro will provide you with a service you will not forget and hopefully recommend.

Our experienced Damp Pro personnel will help you through the buying or selling of the property, putting your mind at ease.

Many previous clients have come back to us and given us positive feedback informing us how we had saved them hundreds even thousands of pounds on unnecessary damp proofing, woodworm and dry rot eradication treatments.

This was achieved by our specialist damp and/or timber survey, carried out by our professional, knowledgeable and helpful damp and timber surveyor.

Our role is to correctly diagnose rising damp, woodworm, dry rot, wet rot and any other source of damp ingress and timber decay correctly, and provide you with a cost effective if not treatment free solution to eradicate the damp or timber decay problem you may have.


A damp and timber survey is one of the most common instructions you will receive from a building surveyor’s report today when buying a property.

The initial thoughts going through your mind may be that the property is falling down, there might be timber decay or woodworm in the timber floors or the damp is so bad that thousands of pounds are going to have to be spent to rectify the problem.

Don’t Worry!! It may sound worse than it actually is! You have to understand that if a building surveyor picks up a high moisture meter reading in a wall or discovers some woodworm flight holes he has to instruct a PCA (Property Care Association) damp and timber specialist to investigate the extent of the damp ingress and the timber infestation and/or decay.


• What form of dampness has the surveyor picked up and does it require any treatment, if so to what extent ??

• Is the woodworm infestation active or not, or does the wood boring insect in question require any treatment at all ??

• Or is the suspect dry rot, actually wet rot and all that needs to be done is eliminate the source of moisture, cut out the wet rot infected timbers and replace them with pretreated timbers of the same dimensions, at the same time isolating them from the masonry with a Damp Proof Membrane ??

We must stress that the correct diagnosis of damp, woodworm and wet/dry rot is most important to achieve the best possible outcome. This can be achieved by instructing a specialist damp and timber surveyor to carry out an extensive damp and timber survey on any damp ingress or timber decay problem you may have.

Our specialist damp and timber decay surveyor has been through years of studying and training to become a specialist damp and timber surveyor to carry out damp and timber surveys to PCA (Property Care Association) standards and to diagnose all forms of damp and timber decay correctly.

Our specialist damp and timber surveyor will only recommend the correct damp proofing and timber treatments if any found to be necessary at all.


On the day of the timber survey, any timbers accessible will be inspected for woodworm infestation or timber decay (dry rot, wet rot). Depending on the accessibility, floor boards may be lifted with the vendor’s permission as long as they are loose enough without causing damage to the flooring. Subfloor timbers will be analysed for moisture content, beetle infestation, wet rot and dry rot as well as making sure there is adequate sub-floor ventilation to keep the timbers dry. Roof timbers will be inspected if safe access is available again inspecting the timbers for dry rot, wet rot or woodworm infestation. Once the timber survey has been carried out the timber report will be forwarded to you via email along with a quotation for the necessary timber treatments if required.


On the day of the damp survey with the instructions received from the client, the specialist damp and timber surveyor will inspect all accessible walls at ground floor level for rising damp and any other source of dampness using an electric resistance meter, a non-destructive method for detecting rising damp. The surveyor will inspect the exterior of the property for high ground levels, which can lead to penetrating damp at low level and put any abutting timbers at risk of timber decay. External observations will be made and relevant comments on building defects such as roofing, guttering or external rendering will be made in the damp survey report. Once the damp survey has been carried out the damp report will be forwarded to you via email along with a quotation for the necessary damp proofing, if any at all.

Why choose a damp and timber survey over a homebuyers report?

Initially, it would be the cost, a damp and timber survey can be carried out at a fraction of the price of a homebuyer’s survey. Most properties in the UK are constructed of brick/stonework and timber therefore a damp and timber survey will look at the property as a whole subject to instructions and inform you on any damp and timber issues that may be present. Normally a damp and timber survey is one of the last things to be carried out during the purchase of a house after paying for full structural and/or homebuyers’ surveys. These two surveys can be very costly and may only partially inform you of the cost/implications of what may be wrong with a building. It has become a common issue when people are in the middle of purchasing a property to have these costly surveys carried out followed by a specialist damp and timber survey to then find out that there is more than meets the eye. Dry Rot outbreaks, dampness and woodworm infestation for example, which can be costly to rectify. Often, once a potential buyer has found out about the damp and timber issue they may decide to pull out of a sale or in the worst case scenario not be able to obtain a mortgage on the property subject to the damp and timber report. This can be a costly situation for a property purchaser which could have been brought to their attention by just having a damp and timber survey carried out at the start of the purchase process, instead of paying for costly structural reports and homebuyers’ survey.

Top Survey Tip… If you are buying an older house, consider a damp and timber survey first. It could save you ££££’s on unnecessary surveys and at the end of the day prevent heart ache if a property falls through after weeks and months of planning the big move.

How to choose a North Wales qualified damp and timber specialist company?

Choose a Property Care Association (PCA) Member and ensure the surveyor carrying out your damp and or timber survey holds the CSRT qualification. Please remember that there is only one national damp proofing, woodworm treatment and Dry Rot Eradication Governing Body and that is the Property Care Association (PCA). Formerly known as the British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association (BWPDA).

How to check if a North Wales damp proofing and timber treatment contractor company is qualified?

Look out for the PCA logo on their website/ paperwork and cross reference their name/unique membership number with the Property Care Association Website. Or simply ask to see credentials of the company. Any PCA member, damp proofing and timber treatment company would be proud to present credentials as it is an honour to be part of the elite in the industry and very hard to achieve due to strict policies.

Why Choose a Qualified Damp and Timber Surveyor?

The correct identification of wood destroying organisms and the causes of dampness are essential for correct diagnosis and specification of a safe and cost-effective remedy. Surveyors must have a detailed knowledge of the insects and fungi that attack wood, the types of wood used in buildings and their characteristics, building structures, the characteristics of wood preservatives and damp-proofing materials and equipment and their safe and effective use together with the legal obligations of the surveyor and his company to name just a few of the requirements.

The PCA has developed a professional qualification for surveyors which assesses these areas and which is achieved only after rigorous testing of a candidates knowledge, skill and practical ability. Two separate qualifications (Certificated Timber Infestation Surveyor – CTIS and Certificated Remedial Damp Surveyor – CRDS) have now been amalgamated with an assessment of law, health and safety aspects into a single qualification – the Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment – CSRT. Member companies of PCA employ qualified surveyors to ensure that property owners get a reliable survey which correctly identifies the problem and states whether any treatment is required.

If your property needs Timber Treatment or Damp-proofing... Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Certain.

What is a damp proof course?

A damp proof course is a horizontal barrier inserted into a wall/structure to prevent the movement of upward capillary action (rising damp).

Is my property suffering from rising damp?

The chance that your property is suffering from rising damp is slim. There is a lot of moisture that can be found within a building not all of it is rising damp. It is very important that a damp survey is carried out to determine whether or not rising damp is present before you go down the route of damp proofing a wall.

Why do I have to pay for a damp and timber survey?

No one works for free in this world today unfortunately. Our qualified damp and timber surveyors are providing a specialist service to you which is chargeable. The surveyor will provide you with second to none knowledge in regards to damp and timber problems followed by a damp and timber report. It costs damp proofing and timber treatment companies to send a qualified CSRT surveyors to you. For example, to name just a few overhead costs of a vehicle, fuel, insurances, time organising the survey and time compiling a damp and timber report not to forget the surveyors salary as well as office staffs wages who take a key role in the preparation of surveys and reports. So one would have to wonder how damp and timber companies offering free damp and timber surveys manage to do it!? The simple answer is by selling a product or make up problems that do not even exist.

Independent Surveyor or a Damp and timber Treatment Contractor?

This is a big debate!! Both of which have different roles. But can diagnose damp and timber problems equally. Independent surveyors are useful for clients in Guarantee dispute matters when impartial advice is needed on what the damp and timber problem is. However in a situation where diagnosing damp and timber problems comes in, as long as both parties (independent surveyor and damp proofing and timber treatment contractor) holds the CSRT qualification, they are both equally qualified. On one hand you may think independent surveys are the way forward, however there have been many times where our damp and timber surveys have proven independent surveyors wrong. In most situations the recommended installation of chemical damp proof course is unnecessary. Once you received the independent damp and timber report the independent survey will usually recommend you to seek further advice from a PCA member damp and timber treatment contractor which again will charge you a survey fee. Which in our eyes is a lot of time and money spent on a piece of slate or bitumen damp proof course which usually will be visible to rule out the need for a chemical damp proof course. A simple thing to remember is that all properties from 1875 onwards have a physical damp proof course which is usually intact. A lot of the time the physical damp proof courses have become bridged over the years by driveways being increased in heights, new external renders being applied without the use of a bellcast drip bead or simply plasterwork being left in contact with solid floors. So please rest assured that these simple things to look out for could save you money on unnecessary damp proofing if correctly identified by our qualified surveyors. If any damp proofing and/or timber treatments that are found to be necessary we can include a quotation within the damp and timber report which you may decide to use for negotiations of a property price. This quotation option is not available with Independent damp and timber surveyors.

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Aber | Aber-cywarch | Aberangell | Aberdaron | Aberdesach | Aberdyfi | Abererch | Abergwynant | Abergwyngregyn | Abergynolwyn | Aberllefenni | Abersoch | Anelog | Arthog | Bala | damp survey Bangor | Barmouth | Beddgelert | Bethania | Bethel | damp treatment Bethesda | Betws Garmon | Blaenau Ffestiniog | Bodfuan | Bont Newydd | Bontddu | Bontnewydd | Borth-y-Gest | Botwnnog | Braichmelyn | Brithdir | Bronaber | Bryncir | Bryncroes | Bryncrug | Brynrefail | Bwlch Derwin | Bwlchtocyn | Cae Ddafydd | Caeathro | Caerdeon | Caernarfon | Caethle | Capel Carmel | Capeluchaf | Carmel | Cefn- caer-Ferch | Cefn-ddwysarn | Cefndeuddwr | Ceidio Fawr | Cennin | Chwilog | Cilan Uchaf | Ciltalgarth | Clwt-y-bont | Clynnog-fawr | Coed Ystumgwern | Corris | Corris Uchaf | Criccieth | Croesor | Crogen | Crymlyn | Cutiau | Cwm-Cewydd | Cwm-y-glo | Cwrt | Deiniolen | Denio | Dinas | Dinas Dinlle | Dinas-Mawddwy | Dinorwic | Dolbenmaen | Dolgellau | Dolgoch | Douglas Hill | Dyffryn Ardudwy | Edern | Efailnewydd | Eisingrug | Fachwen | Fairbourne | Ffestiniog | Ffridd Uchaf | Friog | Fron | Fron-goch | Ganllwyd | Garn | Garn-Dolbenmaen | Garneddwen | Garreg | Garth | Gell | Gellilydan | Gerlan | Glan Adda | timber decay treatment carried out in Glan-Dwyfach | Glan-yr-afon | Glasinfryn | Glyn-Cywarch | Golan | Gorddinog | Groesffordd | Groeslon | Gyrn Goch | Harlech | Llanaber | Llanaelhaearn | Llanarmon | Llanbedr | Llanbedrog | Llanberis | Llandanwg | Llanddeiniolen | Llandderfel | Llanddwywe | Llandegwning | Llandwrog | Llandygai | Llanegryn | Llanelltyd | Llanenddwyn | Llanengan | Llanfachreth | Llanfaelrhys | Llanfaglan | Llanfair | Llanfendigaid | Llanfihangel-y-pennant | Llanfor | Llanfrothen | Llangelynin | Llangian | Llangwnnadl | Llangybi | Llangywer | Llaniestyn | Llanllechid | Llanllyfni | Llannor | Llanrug | Llanuwchllyn | Llanwnda | Llanycil | Llanymawddwy | Llanystumdwy | Llawr-y-dref | Llidiardau | Llithfaen | Llwyndyrys | Llwyngwril | Maentwrog | Mallwyd | Methlem | Minffordd | Minllyn | Morfa Bychan | Morfa Nefyn | Mynytho | Nanhoron | Nannau | Nant Peris | Nantlle | Nantmor | Nasareth | timber treatment specialist visited Nebo | Nefyn | Pale | Pandy | Pant Gwyn | Pant-glas | Pantperthog | Parc | Pen-sarn | Pen-y-bryn | Pencaenewydd | Peniarth | Penisar Waun | Penllech | Penmaenpool | Penmorfa | Pennal | Penrhos | Penrhos-garnedd | Penrhyndeudraeth | Pentir | Pentre Gwynfryn | Pentre-piod | Pentrefelin | Penygroes | Pistyll | Plas Gwynant | Pont Aber Glaslyn | Pont Rhyd-sarn | Pont-rug | Pontllyfni | Port Penrhyn | Porth Colmon | damp proofing in Porthmadog | Portmeirion | Prenteg | Pwlldefaid | Pwllheli | Rachub | Rhiw | Rhiwbryfdir | Rhiwlas | Rhos-fawr | Rhos-y-gwaliau | Rhos-y-llan | Rhosgadfan | Rhoshirwaun | Rhoslan | Rhoslefain | Rhostryfan | Rhyd | Rhyd-Ddu | Rhyd-uchaf | Rhyd-y-clafdy | Rhyd-yr-onnen | Rhydlios | Rhydolion | Rhydymain | Salem | Sarn Bach | Sarn-Meyllteyrn | Sarnau | Saron | Seion | Tai'n Lon | Tal-y-bont | Tal-y-Cae | Tal-y-llyn | Talardd | Talsarnau | Talysarn | Tan-lan | Tan-y-graig | Tanygrisiau | Tonfanau | Trawsfynydd | Trefor | Tregarth | Tremadog | Tudweiliog | Ty-hen | Ty-nant | Tywyn | Uwchmynydd | Waen-wen | Waterloo Port | Waunfawr | Wenallt | Y Felinheli | Y Ffor | Ynys |LL21 | LL23 | LL33 | LL35 | LL36 | LL37 | LL38 | LL39 | LL40 | LL41 | LL42 | LL43 | LL44 | LL45 | LL46 | LL47 | LL48 | LL49 | LL51 | LL52 | LL53 | LL54 | LL55 | LL56 | LL57 | SY20

Damp proofing, woodworm and dry rot treatments in the following areas - Acrefair | Arowry | Bangor-is-y-coed | Bersham | Bettisfield | Borras Head | Bowling Bank | Bronington | Brymbo | Burton Green | Bwlchgwyn | Cefn-mawr | Chirk | Coedpoeth | Dolywern | Eglwys Cross | Erbistock | Eyton | Froncysyllte | Garth | Glyn Ceiriog | Gresford | Gwersyllt | Gyfelia | Halghton Mill | Halton | Hanmer | Higher Wych | Holt | Horseman's Green | Hugmore | Johnstown | Knolton | Lavister | Lightwood Green | Llan-y- pwll | Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog | Llay | Llwynmawr | Marchwiel | Marford | Minera | Moss | New Broughton | Newbridge | Overton | Pandy | Pant | Park Lane | Penley | Pentre | Penycae | Plas Nantyr | Pontfadog | Rhos-ddu | Rhosllanerchrugog | Rhosnesni | Rhostyllen | Ridleywood | Rossett | Ruabon | Southsea | Stryt-issa | Stryt-yr-hwch | Summerhill | Tallarn Acrefair | Arowry | Bangor-is-y-coed | Bersham | Bettisfield | Borras Head | Bowling Bank | Bronington | Brymbo | Burton Green | Bwlchgwyn | Cefn-mawr | Chirk | Coedpoeth | Dolywern | Eglwys Cross | Erbistock | Eyton | Froncysyllte | Garth | Glyn Ceiriog | Gresford | Gwersyllt | Gyfelia | Halghton Mill | Halton | Hanmer | Higher Wych | Holt | Horseman's Green | Hugmore | Johnstown | Knolton | Lavister | Lightwood Green | Llan-y- pwll | Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog | Llay | Llwynmawr | Marchwiel | Marford | Minera | Moss | New Broughton | Newbridge | Overton | Pandy | Pant | Park Lane | Penley | Pentre | Penycae | Plas Nantyr | Pontfadog | Rhos-ddu | Rhosllanerchrugog | Rhosnesni | Rhostyllen | Ridleywood | Rossett | Ruabon | Southsea | Stryt-issa | Stryt-yr-hwch | Summerhill | Tallarn Green | Talwrn | The Chequer | Tregeiriog | Trevalyn | Trevor | Worthenbury | Wrexham | Wynnstay | LL11 | LL12 | LL13 | LL14 | LL20 | SY13 | SY14